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First steps we made in 1990 when we started to install modern technologies in smaller and bigger growers. We always tried to find tailor-made, optimal technical solutions in order to fulfil the grower's requests. From the beginning we realized that there is a high demand for these technical solutions, we were continuously monitoring the market and harmonizing the latest available technologies with local requests. We managed to supply and fulfill the grower's requests with our technical knowledge. Our company started to extend, we were developing together with the growers, learnt from the mistakes and gained the experience to choose the suitable, effective solutions that we widely installed later.

1998 was an important year in the life of the company. There was a rapidly increasing demand from growers for higher quality technical equipments, such irrigation units, climate controllers. Also up-to-date greenhouses with a higher gutter height, and its modern accessories were looked for very much. This resulted to establish Kosdi and Szabó Ltd besides existing private entrepreneurship, with the aim of importing all necessary modern products, technology and adapt it to local Hungarian conditions. We looked for partners among those Dutch manufacturers and companies who can supply these equipments, and created a good and strong partnership during the last years. In 2007 Kosdi&Szabo Kft. was renamed to Global Glasshouse, indicating more activities on foreign markets. Service background has always been one of the most important strength of our company. Our aim is not only selling the projects but supplying a reliable operation by fixing all occurring problems in the shortest term. Good service background is one of the most important conditions for safe production. We created a unique service system, our team is available anytime, 0-24 h, 7 days a week to fix errors, repair damages, even on weekends and holidays. it is also possible to Remote control is By creating a remote connection between GGH's and our partner's PC, we can easily give instructions to make changes in the setting of a climate computer or an irrigation system, without the need and cost of travelling to the location. In the future we still continue to improve the quality of our service in order to supply our partners at their best satisfaction.


Sándor Szabó
Owner, Managing director
mobile: +36 30 2782 548
Gyula Mózer
Managing Director
mobile: +36 30 5765 293
Barnabás Tornyi M.
Construction Development Manager
mobile: +36 30 4882 619
Miklós Mészáros
Inside Technologies Manager
mobile:+36 30 4882 631
Katalin Bereczki
Financial Manager
mobile: +36 30 4882 596
Zsolt Török
Sales Manager
mobile: +36 30 4882 621
Tamás Mészáros
Project Manager
mobile:+36 30 6973 549
Orsolya Kovács
Trading Assistant
mobile: +36 30 4367 362
Zsolt Benedek
Mechanical Designer
mobile: +36 20 3585 390
Károly Usztrunul
Civil Engineer, Responsible Technical Leader
mobile: +36 30 2781 492