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Constructing and operating an up-to-date, high quality horticulture is quite expensive. Economical production can be solved only with up-to-date, energy saving technology because of other operation cost and rising energy costs caused by the increasing requests of environment's protection. A well-chosen climate control can optimize not only the growing result by making a suitable environment for the plant but also can control energy in the most economic way.

The Dutch company Priva can offer an advanced, flexibly connectible, user friendly technology which has also good price figures compared to quality.
Priva Integro comprise: -sensors to measure and sense the climate conditions -computer in order to collect and record the incoming data - hardware and software to control the executor units (ventilation motors, mixing valves, screens)
Altogether these parts operate the system which can satisfy the various demands of the plants in different periods of the day and the same time keep the energy on optimum level. Priva Integro has also a protection system which can defend the modern equipments as well as the plants against the extreme weather.