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Using geothermic energy is more and more emphasized as an alternative heat source all around the world. Due to the good geographical capability geothermal water can be an important alternative in greenhouses replacing the increasingly expensive fuel fossils. Thermal water in agriculture can mostly be used for farming and heating greenhouses, ensuring safe cultivation.

However mostly all existing thermal water systems should be renovated, modernized and automated in order to increase the efficiency due to the strict environmental regulations. We can advise you how to use thermal water in order to get and use thermal energy in an optimal way .We can offer our own-developed, well-proved computer controlled system for thermal water management.
Units of thermal water control:
Exploiting by submersible pump
Reserving thermal water - buffer tank
laminated heat-exchangers(indirect systems)
Frequency controlled pumps
Desired temperature by mixing valves
Level control in tanks
Climate computer and automation of system control