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H - 6600 Szentes
Phone: +36 63 560 920
Fax: +36 63 560 921
Outdoor hardening and shading
Fogging systems
Climate control systems
Geothermal energy management
Investment consultancy
Starting a greenhouse
Building plans, drawings
Permissions, licences
Building, installation
For our complete investments we provide 24 h Service System to fix the possible breakdowns in order to ensure our partners the highest safety in operating the greenhouse. We are available 24 hours a day, all the year.

In case of serious problems such as heating in winter, climate control and irrigation in summer we are there to fix the problem within the shortest term.
In case of greenhouses built or renovated by us we provide a special control for those cases when our clients are on holiday or away for a longer period and they need a watch to control if there is any problem.

Global Glasshouse Service System (GGHSS) 0-24 h
Service phone number: +36-30-576-5293